Home Decor Wishlist

Living in a sublet sucks. Well, let me clarify my statement. It doesn’t really suck that much when you have pretty cool roommates and a great room. It’s just not fun when half of your belongings are still packed away in Sterilite containers, all the furniture in your room technically isn’t yours, and you don’t know where you’re going to be after three months from now. So yeah, that sucks.

The interior decorating and DIY guru inside of me NEEDS to be satisfied. And due to my inability to decorate my bedroom now, I’ve been spending WAY too much time on Pinterest and on home decor blogs.

I’m stuck with the satisfaction of decorating a virtual pin board instead of DIYing my own decor and making myself at home. Here’s a look at my current obsessions and desires: AKA my home decor wishlist as described by near perfection from Pinterest.

  1. A Makeup VanityI used to have a built-in standing vanity in my last apartment. It was everything ANY beauty lover would want. And now that I’ve moved, it looks like I’m going to have to invest in a sitting vanity. I want one that can double as a work station (aka enough room for my laptop and maybe some folders), but stylish enough to be decorational as well.

    Vanity 2 Vanity 4 Vanity 3


  2. A Coffee CartJorge and I are both avid coffee drinkers. Our coffee guzzling lifestyle NEEDS to be fulfilled with a fully functioning coffee cart that houses our numerous mugs and the Nespresso maker that I might one day be able to afford. Plus, DAMN, they are so cute.

    Coffee Cart 3 Coffee Cart 2 Coffee Cart 1


  3. New Throw Pillows 

    I LOVE throw pillows. The more, the merrier. At my last apartment, before I moved in with my boyfriend, I had several gray throw pillows that matched my crisp white bedding. In our new apartment, however, Jorge and I bought a new dark gray comforter and this comforter deserves new throw pillow covers.Throw Pillows 3 Throw Pillows 2 Throw Pillows 1


  4. A Reading NookEvery perfect bedroom  has a cozy reading nook where you can curl up with a novel at the end of a tough workday or you can read the best of the style section in the Times on a Sunday morning. And I totally know that I’m WAY ahead of myself (rather, my salary) when I say that I want a reading nook. But it’s worth the splurge for a comfy chair, a throw blanket and some soft pillows.

    Reading Nook 4 Reading Nook 2 Reading Nook 1


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