The Diner Diary: Brunch at 983

I’m a brunch kind of person. So when Jorge and I woke up this past Sunday morning, there was no doubt that we wanted to find a brunch place, and STAT.

After an intensive research of our neighborhood’s brunch spots (AKA a quick Google search), we found a place nearby that had chicken and waffles, one of Jorge’s favorites. Reviews on the restaurant, 983, said it was an affordable spot, so we were sold.

Affordable it was indeed. The menu ranged from classic sweet items like pancakes and french toast to more savory brunch items like breakfast sandwiches, scramblers and salads. The best part: everything was around $10, AND the coffee was cheap as well as delicious.

I settled on an order of strawberry pancakes and a coffee, while Jorge ordered his chicken and waffles and a coffee.

While waiting for our food, we couldn’t resist from people watching. The foodies at 983 are classic Bushwick hipsters with full beards and tasteful outfits. But even better than the foodies is 983’s ambiance. Trademarked as “Bushwick’s Living Room”, the ambiance is unexpectedly chic, with a bar that extends the length of the restaurant and a wide array of art strewn across the walls.

This spot is without a doubt a new favorite. Affordable and fun: it’s the perfect recipe for a Sunday brunch.

983 Chicken and Waffles 983 Coffee 2
983 Pancakes

983 CoffeeIMG_8883

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