When Valentine’s Day falls on a weekend, why can’t we call it Valeweekend?! Like seriously, Halloween gets “Halloweekend.” So I’m making it a thing. Valeweekend. And in my opinion, there is no better way to celebrate Valeweekend than with obnoxious amounts of food. So that’s exactly what I did this weekend.

I started off the weekend with my Vday celebration with Jorge. For dinner, we decided to go all out and actually cook everything ourselves. We made a tarragon mushroom steak dinner with salad and little potatoes. For dessert, I taught him how to make macarons (or at least I attempted). We made Cookies And Cream Macarons from my favorite cookbook, Macarons and More. This young grasshopper has a long way to go before he can call himself a pastry chef.



Then, last night I celebrated Galentine’s with two of my best girls: Claire and Hannah. We headed to one of Madison’s newest restaurants, a Spanish-inspired tapas joint called Estrellon. The best part about this restaurant is how the menu is set up: plates size from very small and personal to larger plates. But every single thing on the menu is crafted to be shared and split between 2-4 people. We started out with a pitcher of their seasonal sangria: a cranberry Merlot which was TO DIE FOR. And we followed up with a tomato baguette, deep fried guacamole (yes, guacamole) and a deconstructed PB&J (this dish was unexpectedly amazing). Lastly, we each got a dessert for ourselves. Mine was a special for Valeweekend: chocolate cake covered in decadent chocolate with a side of strawberry ice cream.

FullSizeRender (5)IMG_7832

Finally, on the very last day of Valeweekend, Valentine’s Day, Jorge took me out for a special yummy Sunday brunch. Instead of going to our old standby for breakfast, the Greek food place exactly adjacent to Jorge’s apartment, we decided to try something new. So we researched. And apparently The Great Dane does brunch; who knew?!
I ordered a Quiche Du Jour – this was the best quiche I’ve EVER had. And Jorge treated himself to a chicken and waffles drenched in house-made gravy. Definitely a success: The Great Dane does brunch better than some other specialized brunch joints in the area.



Happy Valeweekend, everyone. Hope you found your special someone. And by someone, I obviously mean food.