The Diner Diary: Coffee Date at Fika

In honor of a much needed three-day weekend, I felt like a little coffee treat was just what I wanted. I never expected to find a place as spectacular as Fika. With locations all over Manhattan, I didn’t think that the coffee and sweets would be as high-quality and gorgeous as they were. The New York brand boasts locally crafted coffee and espresso from Brooklyn and award-winning chocolate truffles (both of the non-alcoholic and alcoholic variety). I met up with two of my friends from the dance school I teach at, Alaina and Jessica, and we all spent the afternoon sipping on some lattes and cappuccinos and indulging in mini chocolate truffles.

These “award-winning” truffles were nothing short of amazing. As pictured below, I ordered a cappuccino with one salted caramel truffle (an absolute salty delight) and a chocolate Bailey’s Irish Cream truffle (which was just about as decadent as you can imagine).

Before we left, the three of us nabbed some of their goodies from the merchandise corner of the cafe.

This cafe, despite its overwhelming presence in Manhattan, is a truly wonderful find.


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