Lessons from My First Week


Perhaps this post should be titled “Lessons from my first 10 or so days in NYC” or “Lessons from my first 5 days at my internship” … but that all sounded too difficult and rather wordy. So let’s just settle with my knowledge being accumulated over the course of around a week (or so). There are so many cliche things I could say about my internship (like “wow, the magazine industry works so quickly”) or about NYC (like “wow, there really are dead rats in the subway” and “wow, you really do have to hold onto your belongings in sketchier parts of the city”), but I feel as though those are the lessons we could all learn in watching one OG  episode of Gossip Girl. So here are the legitimate life lessons I’ve picked up this past week: from the advice I’ve received from my close friends to the everyday observations I’ve picked up on my walk from the subway station to my office building.

1.) Damn. Starbucks is expensive here.

2.) There’s a difference between the “express” subway and the “local” subway trains.

3.) Down time as an intern gives you the opportunity to either do nothing at all or to work productively on the small things you never thought possible. Currently attempting the latter.

4.) If I’m going act like I fit in here, I’m going to need to buy a chic fur jacket (all the cool Upper West Siders have one for some reason).

5.) Packing food for work is actually a necessity. Two words: cheese sticks.

6.) Just because you might travel to East Harlem to buy a specific product doesn’t mean that the company will choose to use said “specific product” for the final copy of the magazine. And in some cases, they’ll ask for said “specific product” from at least three or four different vendors.

7.) $400 is pocket money for big corporations.

8.) If you wear heels to work, always bring a pair of ballet flats in your bag (ALWAYS).

9.) Remember that part of The Devil Wears Prada when Andy learns to bring a tiny notebook to write down all the ridiculous requests Miranda throws at her? Yeah, not a bad call, Andy. Tiny notebooks are EVERYTHING.

10.) Going to lunch in the city at lunchtime is nearly impossible, unless you want to stand in a HELLA long line. Instead, go right after the lunch rush to avoid standing in a long line (we all know what it’s like when I get hangry).


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