When I get hangry, I’m a very difficult person to deal with. Unfortunately this is one of those personality traits that my mother passed down to me and I will surely pass down to my off-spring (and/or cats).

So there we were, in the middle of Manhattan, and I was very hangry. So after looking up popular food places in the area, we tried to find a cheap, local favorite called “The Burger Joint.”

The Burger Joint is a hidden gem, tucked away behind red curtains in a very bland marble hotel lobby. But despite its hidden location, this place was VERY popular. As we stood in line for 30 minutes, I got hangrier and hangrier, but the smell of the burgers kept me going.

Once we got inside, the walls were covered in graffiti. There were posters from random TV shows and movies hung sporadically, and random framed magazines boasting the restaurant’s good reviews. But the atmosphere was only part of what makes this joint so great.

These burgers were the best we’ve had in a while. Jorge and I went for cheeseburgers (medium for me and medium-rare for Jorge) with the works (AKA all the fixings) and a side of fries.

A+ burgers with all the greasiness imaginable.ย IMG_7459IMG_7456IMG_7455


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