The Diner Diary: OK Cafe, Above Average Coffee

My cousin told me about a brand new cafe just a few blocks down from her place in Astoria. When we walked by it my first night here I just knew I had to stop by. Let me tell you: I’m so glad I did. OK Cafe is one of the best cafes I’ve ever gone to. As a fellow barista, there’s nothing more satisfying than hearing the sound of a perfectly steamed pitcher of milk. And latte art isn’t just pretty – it’s the sign of a well pulled shot of espresso mixed with milk that is foamed to perfection. The barista here even weighed his shots of espresso to make sure he pulled the exact amount needed. I applaud any cafe that takes that much time to put craftsmanship into their drinks.

My boyfriend and I ended up ordering a mocha, a chai latte and an almond croissant to share. All three exceeded expectations.

Beyond their food and drinks, the environment of the cafe is a delicate mix of quaint and decadent. Everything made me feel like it belonged in the beloved French film Amelie.

Let’s just say, this cafe is much more than just OK.




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