Sweet Summer Treats

It seems as though I’m a woman of habit. That habit, of course, being that I can’t remember to blog on a consistent basis. So here I go again.

Lately, I’ve been instagraming up a storm of foodie pics. Because, to be blunt, it’s summer, and the only thing I can do is work, sit on my couch watching Netflix and eat. Given that the first of those are less glamorous, my day to day posts tend to showcase yummy meals instead of my lazy bum laying on the couch.

This summer has lead me to find THE BEST sweet treats Madison has to offer. Here are a few of my favorites:

Crescendo Cafe – cold brew coffee and toast

I never thought I would rave so much about toast. But this is theΒ best toast ever. The bread is both thick and crispy with a variety of toppings. My favorite is the peanut butter and granola with honey. Add in their cold brew coffee (which is on tap – YES, on TAP), and you’re about to have the best breakfast, lunch or snack of your life.


Bassett Street Brunch Club – horchata latte

Yes, every blogger and their mother has blogged about this location for yummy sweet and savory brunches. But I feel like I need to emphasize how delicious their horchata lattes are. Whoever thought of combining horchata with espresso deserves a gold star.


Farmers’ Market Fresh Strawberries

Fresh fruits at the Dane County Farmers’ Market are always a go-to. I never thought to try the strawberries, though. If you hunt around for a while, you can find a basket for a pretty good price. Don’t let the size of the berries fool you. They might be small, but boy are they mighty. These strawberries are the sweetest I’ve ever tried. Jorge and I ate our basket in one sitting, oops. But I can’t wait to go back and buy more to bake with.


La Coppa Gelato – cherry chocolate cheesecake gelato

Literally, this gelato changed my life. I’m a sucker for cheesecake ice cream, but this flavor goes beyond expectations. Earlier today, in the heat of the day with full humidity, Jorge and I were dying for something to cool down with. This gelato is packed full with chocolate chunks, gooey cherry filling and sweet decadent cheesecake batter. I hope this flavor sticks around, because it’s worth sampling.



One thought on “Sweet Summer Treats

  1. Wow, those strawberries look delicious! My aunt and uncle in southern California buy their strawberries from farmer’s markets (those are also super sweet!) and I’m convinced farmer’s market strawberries are the best you’ll find! πŸ™‚


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