My NY Adventure: A Diary of Food

If there’s anything you should know about me, it’s that I really love food. I love baking. I love cooking. And most of all, I love consuming. Given my deep admiration for food, I felt like it was fitting to write about the amazing eats I encountered on my spring break trip to NYC. Although there are so many wonderful things I could say about New York and the experiences I had, I think that the best roundup would be to talk about the array of foods I got a chance to try during my four short days in NY. Keep in mind, I’m a college student on a budget – even if I had wanted to go out to lavish restaurants for each meal and enjoy a glass of their finest whatever, I still wouldn’t be able to afford it. But each of these restaurants were wonderful in their own ways.


Our first day in NYC was a little scary, since neither my boyfriend, Jorge, nor I had ever been before. But we made the most out of it by starting off the day with traditional water-boiled NY style bagels. I worked at a bagel shop for years in high school, and nothing there could ever compare to the bagels at Bagel House in Astoria (the town where we were staying with my cousin). My favorite was the sun dried tomato bagel, although the flagels (flat bagels) were wonderfully crunchy as well.


After some much needed shopping, we stopped by a hole-in-the-wall pizza joint with 99 cent pizza. It was cheap and yummy and perfect. Although, lets be honest, deep-dish Chicago style pizza will forever be the best.

We finished off our NYC eats for the day with macarons from the Macaron Cafe. I’m not the biggest fan of Laduree just because it’s so over rated, but Macaron Cafe had a great selection at its quaint location. Jorge and I enjoyed Cafe and Chocolate Marshmallow macarons as we sat by the window on a comfy and quirky table-couch set up.



Day two was the day we decided to splurge a little more on food than shopping. It was Sunday and brunch seemed rather fitting. After a little research online, we decided on Jack’s Wife Freda, a small brunch joint in Soho. This place was fabulous, and the bottomless coffee was divine. We ordered the orange blossom pancakes, the Jack’s breakfast, and a side of the yummiest house cured duck bacon. I could not say better things about that bacon. I highly recommend it.

IMG_4723 IMG_4722

After watching a Broadway show, Jorge and I ventured across the street the the restaurant Cielo at The Mayfair, a small dining option joined with a hotel. We craved some italian and ordered pasta and pizza. The best part of our meal was their take on a Bramble, a blackberry gin-based cocktail. This restaurant used jam in place of Creme de mur and blackberries, something I can’t wait to make on my own. It was delicious – although I’d much prefer it with gin than theirs with vodka.




Later in the evening, Jorge and I got hungry for sandwiches. We found a great place online that was in Brooklyn, and we were about to head on over until we saw that it closed in the early afternoon. Instead, we decided to try a place we heard some other tourists talking about: Katz’s Deli. Boy am I glad we went there. Every time I think about Katz’s, my mouth waters and I crave just one more bite. Katz’s is a deli on the lower east side (ya know, the one from Where Harry Met Sally). We split a pastrami sandwich (they hand-cut the meat right in front of our very eyes), which was literally mounds of pastrami and mustard on a light rye bread. We also shared an order of fries and some homemade pickles. DO NOT go to NYC without trying this sandwich. Trust me.



After leaving New York City behind after a much-needed weekend spent in the hustle and bustle of the city, we changed up scenery and headed towards Buffalo. After seeing Niagara Falls, a gorgeous site during the end of the winter season, we went to Anchor Bar. Apparently, story goes that this is the place of the original Buffalo wing. We ordered a tray of 20 in medium spice and went to town. Even though nothing in life will ever compare to that pastrami from Katz’s, these wings were a close second to all the food we had on the trip. The medium sauce is not too spicy at all, and honestly, I could’ve gone spicier.

IMG_4797 IMG_4795

As I sit here and reminisce on such a fun spring break getaway, I can’t help but get a little hungry for more: both the food and the city. Until next time, New York.