Hallmark Who?

Happy week of Valentine’s Day! I absolutely love this holiday. And it’s not because I’m in a relationship. In fact, I’ve loved it my entire life. Growing up, I used the holiday as an excuse to wear as much pink as I possibly could. Year after year, I looked forward to decorating my Valentine’s Day box for all the cards and candy my classmates would give me. Then, I would pig out on chocolate Sweethearts. Yes, chocolate. They’re the most superior of all V-day candies. Lastly, the day marks a day of inspiration for me. My parents got engaged on Valentine’s Day – with the help of a “Marry Me?” sweetheart – and to this day I still aspire to have the same love that my parents have for each other.

With all that said, I still LOVE to procrastinate with V-day. This year, I cranked out three incredibly easy homemade cards you can give to your girlfriends, boyfriends, parents, siblings, etc. Not only are these easy but they’re insanely cheap and incredibly adorable.



I love using scrapbooking materials to make quaint cards for special occasions. One of the more simplistic scrapbooking techniques I return to time and time again is “tearing.” If you tear scrapbook paper by lifting the paper towards you, the material will make a white feathered edging, very cute for layering over each other.

You need:

  • One sheet of card stock (I used a 12″ x 12″ and cut it in half)
  • Various scrapbook papers
  • clear glue
  • 3-D flowers

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How to:

  1. Decide what papers you want to layer on top of each other. I chose a dark red for the bottom, a red pattern for the middle, and a heart border for the top.
  2. Begin ripping the papers. Each layer should differ in size, going from smallest to largest (largest being the bottom layer).
  3. Once you have the ripped papers, glue them down. I chose to have mine go the entire length front and back of the card
  4. Adorn with flowers



This is my FAVORITE of the cards I made this year. I like that the lips aren’t all the same. The bow adds a touch of sweet girliness, and I can’t wait to give this to one of my girlfriends.

You need:

  • One sheet of card stock (I used a 12″ x 12″ and cut it in half)
  • A long piece of ribbon (my ribbon was 1.5″ in width)
  • clear glue
  • Lipsticks in a variety of colors, light to dark

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How to:

  1. Begin by applying the ribbon to the front of the card. Cut the ribbon into two pieces
  2. Glue down a piece of ribbon the length of the front of the card.
  3. Tie the other piece of ribbon into a bow and glue down on the edge of the already glued ribbon
  4. Start doing the lip pattern with the lightest color of lipstick first.
  5. You can layer the colors on top of each other on your lips so the hues complement each other well
  6. Finish off with a single smooch on the inside. Make sure the lipstick dries and nothing comes off to touch



This card is seriously so fun to make. It’s a fun way to get out aggression to. The best part about this card is that it takes matters of seconds to make. And who doesn’t have an old toilet paper roll sitting around?

You need:

  • One sheet of card stock (I used a 12″ x 12″ and cut it in half)
  • A bare toilet paper roll
  • Any two color paint (I used pink and dark pink)
  • Small paintbrush

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How to:

  1. Take your toilet paper roll and squish it into a heart shape. This can be molded by make a fist with your hand.
  2. Dip one end of the roll into a pool of paint and begin dabbing hearts onto the card stock.
  3. Half-way through covering the card stock, switch paint colors and dip the other end of the roll into the new color
  4. I decided to paint a little arrow through one of the hearts. Take a small brush, dip it into the paint and sketch an arrow to one of the most prominent hearts on the front.

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