Stay Healthy in 2015

It seems like I can never catch a break. Every time I blink my eyes, I’m sick again with some a-typical infection or strange cold. Although I’m very disappointed in myself for not posting a blog post last night, I sincerely believe I’m allowed a mess up given that I had a rash from h2t that resulted in a rather late night visit to the ER (#SO to my boyfriend for being awesome).

Even though I posted about cold season and flu season just a couple months ago, it seemed almost too fitting to write about how to stay healthy for the rest of the winter season and 2015. Here are a few things that have kept me going through all my weird illnesses – and the lovely ear infection/staff infection that resulted in my lovely V-day colored rash.

1. Green Tea

I’d be lying if I didn’t say my best friend and I are addicted to green tea. We’re constantly on the search for the best (and cheapest) green tea on the market. Green teas are perfect for a pick-me-up at any time in the day because it’s lightly caffeinated without resulting in a regretful caffeine crash later on. My personal favorite: Celestial Seasoning’s Green Tea (but I also might be biased because it’s a Colorado company).

2. Eucerin

This stuff is a life saver for skin. When I was home for the holidays with my family, my entire face suffered from the intensely dry Colorado air, and I quickly discovered an intense need for a thicker moisturizer. I ended up buying the Eucerin Redness Relief Soothing Night Cream. I’ve been using it day and night (even though it’s technically just a night cream) and my face is loving all the moisture. This cream is soft and sensitive, which is perfect for the winter time. With my sudden rash (I know, I’m probably grossing anyone out who’s reading this), Eucerin felt the most amazing and relieved the quickest.

3. Drinking Water

Often times, drinking water is something I naturally forget to do. But I really want to start making the effort to try harder. I’m excited to start my year off right with a brand new water bottle from ello. It’s glass so that your water can stay pure and fresh, which makes me want to drink it at any opportunity I can get. The amount of water recommended for daily intake varies depending on your body size and weight, but I think that it’s smart to have a glass with every meal as well as a couple water bottles full throughout the day.

4. Making a Regular Sleep Schedule

My best friend from Colorado and I were recently discussing how easy it is to sleep in when the opportunity presents itself. Then again, it’s really rough on the body and completely throws off your mental clock. Recently, she replaced her one day without morning classes with a cycling class in the mornings. Even if it means getting up early, taking a little extra time to get ready and prepping for the day ahead, maintaining a consistent sleep schedule is the key to a healthy body and happy mind (i.e. don’t do what I did over break when I was sick and sleeping on the couch for hours).

5. Read Books

I don’t know if this is a scientifically proven thing, but I swear it’s magic. Reading books is a great pass-time that I feel is quickly slipping through the cracks. Even if you read one book every month or during the rest of the colder lonely months, it’s nice to put your mind at ease and do something for yourself. You can choose whatever type of book you want and watch yourself as you travel through time and space with the main characters. Facebook will never be able to compete with the feeling of pure ecstasy books provide when the knight finally rescues the princess from that inevitable fire-breathing dragon (or the princess rescues herself … because feminism).

Remember: Stay healthy in 2015, unlike how it’s been so far for me.




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