My Favorites: YouTube Vloggers

I think the best way to start off a new year is by exploring all the possibilities of hair, beauty, fashion and DIY that YouTube vloggers have to offer. After a long stressful day of class, there’s nothing more relaxing than watching a new video from one of my favorite YouTube vloggers.Sometimes, I’ll admit, I like to watch them while I’m getting ready in the mornings. Even just as background noise, its soothing.

YouTube vloggers are inspiring, as if I could just use their advice and create a brand new Jen the second after the video ends. Below, I’ve listed a few of my favorite beauty, lifestyle and fashion vloggers to kick off January for you. I’m certain you’ll like at least one of them.



1. Essie Button


Estée is one of the beauty vloggers who I just want to be friends with. Her haircut is chic. Her humor is adorable. And, overall, her videos always put me in a great mood. The best videos to watch are her “empties” and her monthly favorites. Honestly, sometimes she is the sole influence on what products I buy because our hair is about the same length and our skin type is very similar.

Check out my favorite Essie Button video HERE.


2. MakeupByTiffanyD


Tiffany’s videos are the kind that I make a mug of tea and grab a snack for. These videos can be quite the commitment since some of them reach at or above the 30 minute mark. But when you do watch one, it’s completely worth it. Tiffany has a way of making her videos very conversational, as if she’s directly talking to you, the viewer. Plus, she has the cutest little Southern twang.


Check out my favorite recent MakeupByTiffanyD video HERE.


3. MakeupByAlli


I discovered Alli at the beginning of this school year. She’s very talented at more dramatic looks. I love watching her videos before doing my makeup for a night out with the girls, or before a dressy party. She’s skilled at darker smokey looks; ANY of her tutorials would be perfect for New Years looks or Vday (which is quickly approaching, EEP).


Check out my favorite MakeupByAlli video HERE.

For a less dramatic MakeupByAlli video, I highly recommend THIS video.



1. LaurDIY


Lauren is my best YouTube discovery yet. All (or at least most) of her videos are DIY projects that are equally beautiful as they are affordable. Lauren is one of those YouTube vloggers, like Essie Button, who can relate well to her subscribers, and she knows how to joke around with herself (like with her Holiday Ugly Sweaters video). Lauren’s videos are short and simple, almost anyone could follow her DIYs for an afternoon full of crafting fun.


Check out my favorite LaurDIY video HERE.


2. Aspyn Ovard


Although Aspyn is a few years younger than me, she has a certain Bethany Mota charm about her (without the overwhelming popularity). Aspyn’s fashion videos are very affordable, often using pieces from department stores. Aspyn always seems to include her boyfriend in her videos, which I love. They have great advice for dates that are applicable for any friends or couples. Check out some of her recipe videos too – they’re easy to do, especially for the lazy ones like me. This girl is definitely on the rise.


Check out my favorite Aspyn Ovard fashion video HERE.


3. Wendy’s Lookbook


Many people might recognize Wendy from her viral scarf video. And I would not be the first to admit that I’ve watched it many times before I get dressed in the mornings, just so I can find the perfect way to position my scarf. My favorite is “The Celebrity” style. But Wendy is so much more than just scarfs. This woman has amazing videography skills for a simple YouTuber, and her personal blog website is phenomenal. Unfortunately, her style is a tad too expensive for the average college student like me. But hey, a girl can dream right?


Check out my favorite Wendy’s Lookbook videos HERE and HERE.


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