New Years Resolutions

I never really understood New Years resolutions. I would always write them down on a fancy sheet of paper and decorate them with doodles and pretty colors. When I was younger, I thought it was fun to coordinate the number of resolutions with the new year, i.e. in 2008 I had 8 resolutions. But as the years went on, it got harder and harder to keep my resolutions with my chaotic life as a student with homework, jobs and other priorities.

This is the year that I vow to change everything. It’s the first Monday of the new year, and here I am at the Starbucks in my hometown, sipping on a cappuccino as I reevaluate my life and attempt to fix the issues that persisted the previous year.

Here I am, about to bare all my resolutions for the world to see (or rather, the 20 people who might happen to read my blog posts: HI MOM). Though rather random, I hope that these resolutions serve to craft a better Jen, a more responsible adult Jen who is able to take life by the reins and say “Yeah, I got this”. So here goes nothing, and yet everything at the same time.


RESOLUTION #1: Update blog once a week. Use the week before to plan and begin writing the posts. Upload post on each Sunday night. Although this specific blog post is going up on a Monday. Just ignore the tardiness.


RESOLUTION #2: Take control of personal finances. This resolution includes financial planning, becoming better at saving, eating out less (which opens the door to more recipe blog posts), and spending less money on unnecessary expenses (including Starbucks. HELLO KEURIG)


RESOLUTION #3: Become an avid flosser. Teeth are important.


RESOLUTION #4: Organize, organize, organize. I vow to become better with my school work, my work as an editor and my personal life. Planners are essential.


RESOLUTION #5: Use spare free time wisely. Replace Netflix and Pinterest with yoga and dance class. Free time should benefit my future well-being instead of restricting my potential happiness.


Got advice for keeping New Years resolutions? Comment below!


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