Prepare Yourselves: It’s Cold Season


I think I finally cracked. Or at least my immune system decided to crack on me. I know, I know: “Say crack one more time”. Crack.

I digress. On Thursday afternoon, I suddenly came down with a sore throat and headache. I blew it off as nothing. Unfortunately, it got worse and I proceeded to spend the next 3 days in my bed, watching a more than average amount of Sabrina the Teenage Witch while I tried to rest and get better as soon as I could.

Now that I’ve gone through this weird head cold, however, I feel as if I’m better equipped for the next time sickness strikes, and I’m ready to share my secrets with everyone else. Truth is, it’s cold season, and everyone should be prepared to expect the worst.

Secret #1

The key to getting better is simple: rest. To me, this didn’t come easily. I only gave up after I worked a 4 hour shift, attended a guest lecture, took professional headshots for Moda Magazine and finally collapsed into a two hour nap before a staff meeting (which I realized I was too sick to attend). Once I settled down and fired up the good ol’ heated blanket, I could finally allow my body to start healing itself.

Secret #2

Mucinex FAST-MAX Severe Cold. This might be the nastiest thing I’ve ever tasted, but damn did it help. Instead of popping pills, this medicine comes in 4 individual packets full of a powder that dissolves in hot water. You can then drink it hot like a tea. For me, this killed two birds with one stone. I was able to kill my cold with meds while sipping on hot water for my sore throat and cough.

Secret #3

Vitamin-C is the world’s best cure-all. Throughout the day when I would be sipping on my nast Mucinex mixture or a cup of hot green tea with lemon, I would also have a water bottle full of Emergen-C. This stuff is great. Don’t be tricked though, the pomegranate flavor is one of the most disgusting flavors I’ve ever tried. I like to stick with the original or raspberry.

Secret #4

Of all the life lessons my parents made clear to me as a child, this one could be my favorite. Hot&Sour soup is heaven on a weak immune system. When I was little, we always ordered from the same place, a restaurant owned by our then friend. His soup was the best. I still have yet to find something as great as our good friend Marvin’s. Madison, though, has a wide variety of inexpensive Chinese food, and the soup isn’t half that bad. Hot&Sour soup clears nasal congestion with its spiciness, yet it isn’t too hot to handle. Naturally, I had to order some when my cold was at its worst on Saturday. The best part: they deliver!


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