Benefit Push-Up Liner: REVIEW

I have to be quite blunt about this review: I really wanted this product to be my new favorite. After deciding to blow almost $30 on a liner (which is way too much for the average college student), you can imagine how let down I was when this liner wasn’t what I expected. I read a lot of blogs and watched many reviews saying how amazing the liner is. Recently though, one of my favorite YouTube vloggers, MakeupByTiffanyD, had many of the same issues I encoutered with the product. I felt as though I should continue using the product, find the best and worst qualities of it, and then share my two-cents with you all.



So here we go.


I made the unfortunate mistake of trying to replace my old liquid liner with the push-up gel line. Due to this mistake, my opinions reflect someone who was hoping for something as exact as a liquid liner can be. The push-up liner is not a replacement for liquid or pencil liner. It is, however, a great gel liner. As far as gel liners go, this is one of the better.


My biggest downfall of this liner is the applicator. I’ve read many other reviews that also say this. However, after using the liner for several weeks no, I discovered the best way to work around this small problem without wasting the product and letting it ball up when not in use. My trick is to squeeze the bottom of the foam applicator after each twist-click of the pen, this will force up the product faster so that it doesn’t come out later when you’re not using the pen. Unfortunately, this is one of the reasons I’m not a huge Β fan of the pen.


Contrary to MakeupByTiffanyD, I do have to say that this liner can do any thickness of line. With just a little bit of the product, it can make a thin line to build upon. Unfortunately, it’s rather hard to wing out because of the foam-ish applicator. The best I can do is a small flick, not a large cat-eye flick. As well, the liner doesn’t come out in a completely opaque line. Like many other gel liners, I needed to go over my liner with a black eye shadow powder (I used my Naked2 in blackout).


The best part of this liner is its lasting power. The liner is very difficult to get off and it doesn’t even budge with water. I even slept in my liner the other night (not that I would EVER recommend sleeping in makeup: it’s such a bad habit), and it stayed perfectly. So if you’re looking for a gel liner with a long-lasting effect, this product might be up your alley.

My verdict: Pass

I wish I could say that this liner is worth it. Sadly though, I can’t bring myself to spending nearly $30 on this product again. I’m hoping that Benefit will better the product and design in the near future so that gel liner pens can be the next big thing.

For now, I think I will go back to my pencil liner on lazy days and a less expensive liquid liner for fancier occasions.




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