The Yoga Essentials + My Favorite Videos

I am a complete yogi. It’s an ongoing relationship of about 6 years, and I couldn’t imagine life without it. What is a “yogi” you ask? Yogis are yoga-obsessed, namaste lovers. Once you go yogi, you don’t go back. It’s as simple as that. Over the past few years, I have become keenly aware of the essentials to the ultimate yoga practice, and I’m more than excited to share with you. Don’t take my word for everything: all yogis aren’t created equal. This can serve as a perfect jumping-off point until you too find your own list of essentials tapered to your own needs.













Before class, I pack my tote bag with all the essentials I need for class and afterwards. I like to bring a travel mug for my studio’s free freshly steeped green tea. As well, a trusty water bottle is, of course, a necessity. I also like to pack a little pouch for trinkets such as body spray (VS Pink: Fresh and Clean is my favorite), bobby pins for my rather short hair, headbands, deodorant and my favorite lip balm of the moment (currently obsessing over Nivea’s balms). This pouch comes in handy even when I’m not at yoga class!



Then comes my favorite part: picking out a workout outfit. It might sound weird coming from someone who lives and breathes dresses, but workout outfits makes me almost as happy as a good chiffon dress. For tonight’s yoga class, I chose a pair of crop leggings (Old Navy), a bright blue sports bra (Target), a slouchy tank (VS: Pink) and a long-sleeved workout 1/4 zip. No matter what, I like to be comfortable when practicing yoga, and usually I tend to migrate towards leggings paired with slouchy tees or tanks.


Even though I would love to have the time and money to attend yoga classes every day, let’s be real: I’m a college student. So, of course, I love doing workout videos from my own laptop at home. Sometimes, I even prefer yoga practice in the comfort of my own room to the ambiance of a crowded room full of yogis. In this case, my go-to videos are by ToneItUp. When videos just don’t cut it, I like going on Pinterest and practicing routines from the pictures I find.

Good luck on your yoga practice, fellow yogis, even if it’s inches away from your bed!



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